Three New Sports Added

Over the last few days we have added five new pendants in three new sports. The new sports are BasketballTennis and Volleyball.

The pendants are available to buy from the website immediately and you can find out more information about them below.


The Slam Dunk Pendant features a solid 925 silver basketballer gracefully suspended midair and about to perform a one-handed slam dunk.
The head of the basketball player is set with a citrine stone and the basketball comes complete with detailing.


The Crossed Racquets Pendant consists of two crossed solid 925 silver tennis racquets.
The racquets have weaved string detailing and are linked at the handles via a thread of silver beads. The larger bead has a small diamond set in the center.


The Partners Pendant consists of two separable solid 925 silver tennis racquet pendants. Both tennis racquets are set with a half heart-shaped pink ruby with silver border. The racquets have string and handle detailing and there is a small diamond set in the base of both racquet handles.
The two tennis racquets can be shared between partners. Alternatively, the Partners’ Pendant can be linked and worn by one person.


The Forearm Pass Pendant depicts a volleyball player playing a forearm pass, also known as a “dig pass” or “bump pass”.
The Forearm Pass Pendant is solid 925 silver and features a volleyball with a small diamond set in the center.


The Spike Pendant captures the explosive power and spectacle of the attacking volleyball spike.
The Spike Pendant is solid 925 silver. Representing a volleyball is a citrine stone enclosed in silver.

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