Even More Table Tennis Jewelry!

Yes, we have added even more table tennis jewelry to our range!

This time we’ve added a mish-mash of pieces that include a pendant, a charm bead and a tie clip.

Don’t worry, we’re still working on our other sports and hope to soon launch our new collection of Ultimate Jewelry.


The Pips Out Pendant is a solid 925 silver table tennis bat decorated with silver studs giving the appearance of a ‘pimpled’ table tennis rubber. Sitting on the ‘pimpled’ rubber, representing a table tennis ball, is a single 0.10 carat diamond set in a ring of silver.


Personalise your charm bracelet with this beautiful pink solid silver Table Tennis Bat Charm Bead with diamond ball detailing.

The table tennis bat and bead are both solid 925 silver. Offset from the bat and set in silver is a small diamond representing a table tennis ball.


A simple and stylish solid 925 silver Table Tennis Bat Tie Clip. The table tennis bat comes in either black onyx or red coral. On the face of the bat is a silver ball with a small diamond set in the center.

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