Trio of Table Tennis Earrings Launched

Vinqui are delighted to announce the launch of three new styles of Table Tennis Earrings:


Coming in classic black onyx or radiant red coral, these dazzling dangling Free-Flowing Table Tennis Bat & Ball Earrings are a beautiful complementary piece.

The earrings are solid 925 silver and come in either black onyx or red coral. On the face of the bat is a silver ball with a diamond set in the center. A small diamond is also set in the center of the earring stud.


These fun Table Tennis Bat Earrings come in a choice of colour’s; Blue Agate (created), Golden Sandstone and White Agate.

The Table Tennis Bat Earrings are solid 925 silver. The coloured surface of each bat features a silver ball with a small diamond set in the center.


These beautiful Free-Flowing Table Tennis Bat Earrings are solid 925 silver. They feature a table tennis bat, coming in either red or black, dangling on a chain attached to a small stud. Set in the centre of the stud is a small diamond.

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