Earn Money with the VQ Affiliate Programme

VQ are pleased to announce our updated Affiliate Programme. The VQ Affiliate Programme gives website owners the opportunity to earn money by referring buyers to the VQ website.
To earn money, website owners display a VQ banner on their website. Should an Internet user click on the banner and make a purchase on the VQ website, you the website owner will receive commission from the sale (total price excluding delivery).



Commission Rates

  • Pieces 1 to 9: 10% commission
  • Pieces 10 to 19: 15% commission
  • Pieces 20+: 20% commission

We are hoping this will be an excellent opportunity for sports clubs and players to earn extra money.

  1. Join the affiliate network by completing our signup form
  2. Once you’ve signed up, choose a banner to display on your website:
    • Click ‘Banners’
    • Click ‘Choose Banner’
    • Click on the banner you wish to use
    • (Optionally) insert a Campaign ID (e.g. Header, Right Panel, etc.) – this is useful if you are displaying multiple banners as it allows you to see which banner generated a sale
    • Copy and paste the generated code onto your website
  3. You will receive commission for sales completed by buyers that clicked-through from your website
    • If an Internet user clicks-through and does not make a purchase, you will still receive commission should they return and make a purchase within 30 days of the click (provided they have not cleared their browser cookies)
  4. Commission will be paid at the end of the month and will only be paid on balances of USD $25 or greater. Balances will roll into the next month.
  5. Commission can only be paid into a PayPal account
  6. The full terms and conditions can be found here – www.vinqui.com/terms-conditions/#affiliate-network

If you have any questions, please email affiliates@vinqui.com.

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